Top 5 Traits

These are my thoughts on the five traits I am actively pursuing to become a better individual.

For the first half of my life, I evaded people who would talk loud, start verbal fights and simply put, speak their mind. These type of people have no filter whatsoever. The second part of my life, which is this exact moment, I admire the direct, no bull type of humans. If something is obvious but no wants to actually say it, then this is the moment where outspoken people shine. I want to be more outspoken since I analyze much but talk little. I am learning that it is better to over-communicate than to assume. It is always better to have an outspoken person in a group of people.

I profoundly embrace the idea of ‘if you want something, you are going to go get it yourself’. Seems like a simple declaration but to engrain that principle into your mind consistently is not that easy. I applaud all of the go-getters that make capitalism a reality and dreams come true. My best friend, Felipe has had this simple but magical mentality since forever and he has a vast amount of experience and adventure. Currently, he is taking classes to be a paramedic, studying to be a broker and trains seven clients on personal body building/dieting. I am learning from him to make things happen if I want them to happen!

My analytical point of view on life forces me to think of the worst case scenario so I already have a plan in case shit hits the fan! One would think that is not a problem, it may actually seem like a blessing but the issue arises when I linger on the negative side of things. It has happened to me several times that I do not take the risky route fearing the worst may happen. I linger on pessimism. The good news is that my girlfriend has shown me that being cautious is great but thinking the best of others is even better. It has taken me a while to break my pattern and am proud to write that I am more at peace with every gloomy thing that occurs to me. I am more aware of this reality and I choose to see the positive side of things. Light always triumphs over dark, I say!

The greatest storytellers are the people who have had the most fun in life. Period. These are the type of people that risk much and see life as an adventure. Do not get me wrong. I realize that with planning and making a budget life will be less problematic but either way the problems will come to you and it is up to you how you decide to seize it. You can decide whether to dwell on the safe side and not risk or you can see it as an adventure that you have been a part of. I view life not as a series of black and white decisions but as a colorful, enigmatic game that we will solve.

I tend to finish projects a couple of days before they are due, however, if there is no due date I usually start working on it with no sense of urgency. It will be done but it is not a priority. I want to be as diligent as my dad. Every single day, he wakes up 6 in the morning to have his devotional. His spirit is replenished. Then he has breakfast and goes on to tackle the rest of his day calmly. I realize that I need more of that in my life so I can reach my goals not because someone is asking me to but because that is how the world works smoothly.

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