Five Project Ideas

This week I brainstormed and came up with five project ideas that would showcase how I can bring value to your company. The top two roles I am interested are in the area of Operations and Marketing.

1) Social Media Marketing Analysis

Follow Adidas, Nike and Puma on every social media outlet to analyze how they use each channel differently. Compare and contrast what works for them and what doesn’t. Break it down in a blog/video.

2) Data Analysis of a Small Business

Collect the data of an online guitar shop for three purposes: 1] find out where their customers mostly buy from, 2] what are their most popular models and 3] what can they do to increase sales.

3) Marketing Analysis

Data visualization of how MLS (Major League Soccer) is slowly but surely becoming one of the major sport leagues in United States having only over 25 years of existence.

4) Video tutorial

Record a 3 part video series of me teaching the basics of drumming, the main theme being “anyone can play drums”.

5) Podcasting

A three week podcast series where I would interview the people I know who have a high rank in their respective business and find out what traits they look for in an employee.

In the month of April I will pick one of these projects ( or a couple) and go all in!

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