Month 2 – Week 2

The project I decided to take on for this month is about how I created a custom order spreadsheet that cut labor in half in my previous job at Starbucks and how I can apply the same principles to save time in any company.

This week, I focused on two main things: Finishing my custom spreadsheet and answering two internal questions. Like last week, I divided my work in two parts.


If last week was about external help, depending on others for information (and a mac laptop charger) then this week was about internal resourcing, how I work alone and what can I produce. Because of last week’s setback, not finding my custom spreadsheet, I had to re-produce the formula that I had created which is basically my whole project. I dug deep into my memories as Starbucks supervisor as I filled the excel spreadsheets and by Tuesday night I had remembered the “recipe” to keep on cooking this project.

The formula I created: add the number of a given product used the last three weeks and divide that by three to obtain the number of how much to order for the coming week.


The second half of the week I focused on answering these two philosophical questions.

Why is my project relevant to any company?

Time is why this is relevant to any company. Any productive company in the world is looking for ways to save time. Whether it be investing money in software to simplify tasks or implementing new methods that propel employees to be more efficient in their labor, every company wants to save time because when you save time, you also save money. One way to have more time is by being doing more in the least amount of time possible, especially if it is something that is done daily and/or weekly. My project consists of a simple formula simplified through a spreadsheet to save labor. Time.

Can I make this project more interesting? How?

Because this project is a classic show and tell, I knew that it needed some color to make it more engaging. I reached out to my Praxis classmates and my advisor gave me the idea that since all these excel spreadsheets I am sharing are from past results then I should implement the same formula but in my current job. In doing so, I would be showing how the formula may create value in different companies.

Overall, I did not experience any major setbacks but because of the same reason I also did not push myself to go the extra mile. That extra mile was to make a couple of loom videos that would acquaint me with how it works since I will be using it next week to present the final project.

Next week I plan on:

1) Make a couple of test loom videos.

2) Write a script for the final loom video.

3) Use my formula in my new job to enhance the project.

4) Record my final loom video (woohoo!)

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