April Project Overview

Over the course of the month of April I decided to showcase how I created value at my previous job by making a Loom video explaining how I did it.

In the first week, I gathered the data from the Starbucks order system to compare and contrast my custom spreadsheet where I encountered  some setbacks which you can read more in that week’s blog post.

Second week, I focused on the philosophical part of the this project by answering questions such as:

– Who cares about spreadsheets these days?

– Why is this relevant to any company?

The third and final week, I had to wrap the project all together. Ironically, I learned how difficult it is to write an easy to understand script. Learning how to use Loom as an asset was also a highlight.

Biggest takeaway from this whole month?

Without a doubt, sticking strictly to my weekly plan was a great lesson I learned. It sounds simple but when you plan ahead and you stick it, you can accomplish anything. Lack of planning will lead you to mediocre accomplishments.

What will I do now?

Now that I know that I can communicate stories from past experiences in the workplace using Loom, I will keep on showcasing how I created value making these type of videos.

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