9 Inception DVDs

I purchased 9 Inception movies when Blockbuster had their everything-must-go sale back in 2010. Those 9 DVDs have a purpose. All of them.

In retrospect, I realize this was an odd thing to do but at the moment it seemed like a cool thing to tell my friends.

“Dude, you know that Blockbuster by my house is going out of business right?.”
“Well, I bought all of the Inception DVDs.”
“Sweet. What are you gonna do with them?”
“No idea”.

Fast-forward to May of 2019 and I have only three left. What did I do with the other six? Gave them away. To key people.

Inception is a story of great depth that deals with themes of guilt,  second chances, redemption which I relate to very much. It has helped me appreciate life. I have made wrong choices that have brought suffering to others and myself but the movie illustrates there is always a way to make things right. The film has opened my eyes to get through personal struggles that have haunted me for years.

Throughout all these nine years I have gotten to truly know many people, I have opened my life to them, be vulnerable and like clockwork they have shared their struggles, dreams with me.

Without planning it, whenever I get to know someone who wrestles with guilt, I simply wait for the right moment (from a week to various months) and give them an Inception DVD. I do not tell them to watch it immediately nor do I remind them a week after to watch it. I plant the seed hoping one day water will rain down and they are edified as I was. This is my totem to give.

We all deal eventually with guilt at one point in our lives. If you are in that exact point, please take two hours to watch Inception. If you cannot find a way to watch it, remember, I have three movies left.

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