Pizza slice

I am not sure when or where was the genesis of this idea but ever since my early teen years, I eat all of my pizza slices upside down. It’s true. I grab the slice, turn it upside down and bite into it. 

I do not make a big fuss of it like I used to. However whenever there are people who do not know about this method of eating pizza and they see me eating it, they usually ask me why I do it and I gladly answer:

“It’s pure enjoyment.” 

Closing my eyes is the first step. If I close my eyes, I am giving the pizza it’s rightful place; my undivided attention. When the cheese makes contact with my tongue, it feels as if I’m biting into a small piece of happiness. I can see the different colors splashing a la ratatouille. Although I do admit that eating the slice normally also brings a great taste to your palate, when you do this upside down, it simply magnifies the experience tremendously.

I share this particularity of mine to illustrate how we go about life consuming the everyday things such as listening to music, watching movies, eating pizza, etc… It’s a small but meaningful alteration to how we consume all of the above. It can make a big difference to your day, and if done daily, a difference to your life.

Next time you order pizza, try it upside down. Enjoy the moment!

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