Admire someone

We all admire someone popular. You may admire figures such as Tony Robbins or Leonardo DiCaprio, Seth Godin. They captivate us in their respective craft, they stir something within us. I am a fan of Brendon Burchard.

Years ago, my family went into this year long phase of following motivational author-speakers. All 6 siblings, except me, would send each other daily e-mails sharing how these speakers have great insight on topics such as money, faith, entrepreneurship. Everything was valuable information but I was not interested in most topics until my sister mentioned Brendon Burchard.

His post that captivated me was about finding your purpose in life. Although the topic is universal, what made him unique was that he didn’t convey he knew more than me. There are great speakers such as Tony Robbins who motivate masses but I can’t connect with him; I feel he lives in a Monster-energy world. Jim Rohm has great insight but I fall asleep listening to him. What Brendon transmitted to me was: I was once lost like you but now look at me, let me help you. That struck a chord. I said to myself, this is the guy I will follow from now on.

Brendon Burchard

I cannot say that I’ve read all his books nor attended his monthly webinars. As a matter of fact, I dedicate 1-2 hours a month to his content. That’s the amount of time it takes to watch one soccer game. However, every time I feel the need to have a fresh perspective on my actual life (aka actual problems), I know he has written something valuable to say about it.

I’ve been struggling lately with time management. Last week, he sent out an e-mail talking about how minor distractions alter your potential in this world. After reading his post, I felt like someone had whacked me with a baseball bat. In a good way. I made a list of things that I need to say no for the coming months so I can focus on the ‘hell yeah‘ things. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t do accomplish my goals and that’s when Brendon keeps me going.

If you don’t follow someone you admire, I suggest you do it this week. It’s healthy, it’s easy and it’s a win-win-win.

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