Four tips to sell anything online

I have used eBay to sell shoes and toys for over 5 years and completed more than 500 positively reviewed transactions. During this time, I have learned a few tips and tricks that may help you sell anything in this evolving e-world by building trust between you and potential buyers.

1) Find a niche

In this first step, there is a good chance you already have a head start. Finding a niche, in the e-commerce world, simply means recognizing hobbies of yours that may be turned into profit.

It could be fashion that you’ve been into since an early age. You could resell clothes from stores like Goodwill or Marshalls, using your fashion to find hidden treasures. You may enjoy repairing items around the house or electronic devices. In that case, you could buy cracked iPhones or laptops for cheap, repair them and sell it up for to 7 times the amount you had originally paid.

Whatever your hobby, there is a way to make a profit from it. What’s brilliant about this concept is that it does not even feel like you are working since you already enjoy doing it without getting paid.

For me, it was soccer. I’ve been watching and playing soccer all my life, so I knew which cleats and soccer jerseys were “in” . A typical day for me was going to Ross and/or Marshalls, finding $150 cleats listed for $40 and selling it on eBay for $90 a pair. That’s more than 100% profit.  On a good day, I would sell as many as three pairs a day. That’s more than $100 in profit in one day!

2) Choose high quality pictures

Presentation is key. As the saying goes, “people buy with their eyes”. That is especially true if you are selling items online. Great pictures from different angles may be the deal sealer. I dedicate 5-8 minutes searching for high quality pictures of the product I am selling in Google images. Sometimes, a buyer wants to purchase a product you are offering but someone else is also selling that same item at the same price. Ultimately a great set of pictures makes you seem as the most trustworthy seller. Cha-ching.

3) Be accessible

In all of my listings, I make sure buyers know that I will answer any question they may have regarding my products. Four out of ten buyers will ask for information regarding the product you are selling. Most of the time, they just want to make sure you have the item displayed in stock. Replying no later than two hours after they have sent you the initial message is a direct opportunity to build trust between you and the buyer which ultimately translates into completing the transaction.

4) Ship on time

With Amazon Prime two-day delivery becoming the standard in shipping and handling, it is crucial to keep up with this high-speed service. In my listings, in bold text, I make sure the buyer is informed that I can ship my product as early as the same day of purchase or as late as the next day. Highlighting this feature sets me apart from other sellers that do not offer fast shipping. 

Applying these tips and tricks have increased my sales over the years in a consistent manner. My aim has always been the same: create trust, sales will follow. Do you have other ideas or strategies that have helped you sell items online? If so, please share them in the comment section.

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