Dose of reality

If you are reading this sentence then you were either forced to give feedback on this blog post or I personally linked you to my blog post to show you I am present in the Praxis program. You are here. I have your attention.

That’s how it is all throughout our lives, right? One thing leading to the another. Consciously or unconsciously. From the moment we are born, we are exposed to what our parents think is best. Our young, sensitive brains are molded in the way they think life should be to the point where their habits become ours.

Then what? We grow up a little. Desiring to fit in with our friends because being different is frowned upon so we watch the same cartoons, tv shows they binge on, we buy the same toys. At this vulnerable age, the market geniuses’ goal is simple;  subconsciously engrain in our heads certain images, brands, trends so we consume; that latest iPad, the custom Air Max 90s, you name it. Are our thoughts original?

We grow up a little more. Our heart may get broken. You realize stuff isn’t free. Time to get a job. All of these bittersweet realities make you think about what you…want. What makes you happy. You have a voice but it has been silenced by a combination of your parents, peer pressure, the media and what the majority seems to think is right.

You are here now. 

I have your attention.

Let’s do a mental exercise.

Put aside for two minutes the things that are taking space in the frontal lobe of your brain today; what you ate, the people you talked with, that song you really enjoyed listening to, the blog you are about to finish reading. Put that to the side and think of this:

What. do. I. want. for. my. life?

Close your eyes knowing you can think about whatever the hell you want.
There are no limits. There are no noes.

Close them.

What were your thoughts?

I do this exercise every 2-3 months to make sure I am going where I want to go.
I hope this blog post has helped you bring clarity to your day, your immediate future.

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