Reverse parking

I started driving at 18 years of age. For 5 years, I head-in parked like most people. At age 23, a friend of mine taught me how to reverse-park and ever since that day, its the only way I park. Let me explain how reverse-parking and a couple of other habits will enhance your life. 

Reverse Parking

Learning something like, reverse parking is optional. It’s not easy. It’s even beautiful from a certain point of view. The motivation behind reverse parking is all about being ready. Ready to storm out of the parking lot in case of an emergency. Does it take longer than head-in parking? Yes. Will you feel better about yourself after learning it? Also yes. In life, there are several situations where leaving things ready, like reverse-parking the car, is vital so you can execute, perform without interference. You don’t want to be the person that prepared mediocrely and needs more time to accomplish tasks that should been done already, head-in parking.

Having a great relationship with your boss.

It may take a while to build it. It may be difficult. As a matter of fact, getting along with co-workers is easier since you are in the ‘same level’.  However, getting to know your boss little by little, saying ‘good morning’ and ‘goodbye’, being on time, having a sense of urgency; all of these small tasks go a long way. The seeds you sow in this relationship may not blossom now but years from now, former managers are the key on obtaining great job referrals. There is no sign in the workplace that says, ‘get to know your boss’ but believe me, it’s worth it.


From personal experience, I can assure you making running a habit is one of the hardest, most rewarding decisions you can ever make. Sure, it’s undemanding putting on shorts, slipping into adidas running shoes and run for 30 minutes. Now, try doing that three times a week. For 6 straight months. Not easy at all. 

My goal was to run 20 miles a week so I divided the 20 miles in 3 days/runs. I would end up running 7 miles per run. After faithfully executing my run plan for 3 months, I reached a point where around the 6th mile I experienced the runners’ high. There’s a feeling of invincibility that courses through your veins, nothing is impossible in that moment, you become one with nature. It is one of the best, natural personal experiences I have ever had. It’s beautiful.

Life places you in direct situations where its up to you to make the most of it or you go and find the situation to make the most of it. Keep your eyes open.

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