Praxis: my story

Ever since my teen years I have been wanting something different for my life. Something that would surpass even my wildest dreams. Something so powerful that it would make others question what they are doing with their lives. Was I aiming too high? And most importantly what was this something?

After I graduated from high school, I did what most young people do; attend a 2 year community college. I didn’t know any better. As every semester passed by, I felt I wasn’t learning anything valuable for the real world. Fed up with useless information and expensive tuition, I decided to come to a full stop. I started to take control of my future and dropped out of college.

The following years my focus was to look for this ‘something’ and making money so I worked for Starbucks and Rittenhouse Guitars. The search for something began to take shape. When I became a supervisor at Starbucks I realized how much I loved to empower people and give great customer service. My desire was to find a job that would allow me to showcase my people skills and get paid good. But there’s was something still missing.

One humid morning, my brother and I went out to eat at a cuban restaurant where he explained to me what Praxis is about and that I should check it out. Took his advice, I went home, googled ‘discover praxis’, read some articles in their site and for the first time in my adult life, I felt I had found it. Praxis was that something I have been searching for so long. They have this no-bull approach to finding your spot in the business world. They value real world experience over the theory (college) of knowing about something. Their mindset of ‘learning as you are doing’ was the deal sealer for me.

I found my tribe. Joining the Praxis family has given me the security that I am on the right path to great and powerful things. Things that would make people think to themselves, “I want what that guy has”. I dare you to defy the status quo. Take control of your life. Join Praxis!

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