You read the word therapy and can’t help but picture a middle-aged person lying face-up talking about their problems to a calm and cool therapist holding a notebook and a pen. That is what we have been led to believe all our lives. Now, imagine if you could have your own therapy sessions except there is no therapist. For free.

As we dive into the topic, let me clarify: What is therapy exactly?

According to,  the concept of therapy “…is a process focused on helping you heal and learn more constructive ways to deal with the issues within your life.” In other words, you take time to address your problems at hand and tackle them in different ways. Like I mentioned beforehand, everyone blindly accepts that the only way to do therapy is by telling a therapist our problems.

Okay, let’s dive in. 

I am convinced therapy can be practiced any day should we wish to be intentional about it. Without a therapist present.

A few years ago, I broke the hearts of two people whom I loved and that left me with immense guilt. The type of guilt that drives you crazy from morning to sleepless nights. Confidence on the floor. I didn’t know these thoughts of guilt could and would compound every day. 

 A few months into these dark times, my cousin told me about an offer in the local bowling alley. I wasn’t into the sport but quickly became tradition that every Monday night was bowling night. After bowling we would eat at the Chinese restaurant across the street where we would talk about love, church and soccer. Slowly but surely, my thoughts of guilt were decreasing and my confidence increasing. I would wait for the week to end so it could be Monday already.

I don’t know if it was the serene atmosphere in the bowling alley that made me feel warm inside, safe. Or, the combination of becoming invested in properly throwing a curve ball and enjoying how other bowlers took this hobby way too seriously. All of these things would make me reflect about my problems in unconventional ways. Just like a therapist would help you find new paths to old problems. In time, I mended the two relationships I had broken through forgiveness and closure.

Other types of therapy I experienced were running and playing drums. For you, it may be painting, enjoying the sun set or even rescuing helpless animals in your town. We all have different ways of turning a hobby into a therapeutic session of reflection.

Truth is, you will go through a rough patch or you may be in one right now. It’s inevitable. Your mind will go insane, you will need help and paying a visit to a therapist will not be first thing you plan on doing. I strongly suggest you identify those things that have brought joy in the past. Be intentional. Invest yourself in those things, peace will find you. You will save a lot of money.

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