Target vs Walmart

We all are aware of the classic rivalries: Apple vs Microsoft, Adidas vs Nike, Fox News vs CNN, Starbucks vs Dunkin’ Donuts, Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics. Each brand caters to a type of people and depending which one we choose, it tells what we value. Today, I pick the Target vs Walmart competition and what it says about you, the consumer.

Ambience: the character and atmosphere of the place

The moment you walk in a Walmart, there’s a lot of activity going on; people leaving and entering. Lighting is decent throughout the store but this is eclipsed by how crowded and bulky it is most of the day. There are employees in almost every aisle (pushing pallets) which makes it effortless when you need assistance; a big plus. Sometimes, you see customers in PJs. (Been there, done that). Add all these things and the shopping experience isn’t satisfactory but bearable. 

Target always has greeters in the entrance. They use double the lights that Walmart for clear illumination and this complements the layout of the store because the aisles are wider, more spread out, a less bulky feel. Sometimes, it takes a while to find an employee. It seems there are just a handful on the floor. The only time a Target may seem packed is on weekends. Shopping at a Target meets the requirement for a stress-free experience, 90% of the time.

Prices: the amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something

Walmart has the lower prices, everybody knows that. If you, the consumer, already know that Walmart beats Target in overall pricing, why would you ever shop at Target?

Some people may argue that the quality in Target’s products are superior to Walmart’s. In other words, a t-shirt in Walmart may cost you 5$ but last you for a year while in Target a t-shirt may go for 7$ but it will last for two years. Save money on the long-run.

Others make the case that they are willing to pay the extra cents or even a dollar because Target’s stores are cleaner, whiter, while in Walmart there’s always a spill somewhere in the store. This type of reasoning says much about where our priorities lie as a human. Dirty store, pay less. Clean store, pay more.

Speed: the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate

In this area, both stores have showcased great customer service throughout the years (why they are the top two general merchandise stores) so, the tie-breaker would be the lane speed. For some unknown reason, Walmart has 30+ lanes but the problem is only 7-10 are open at the same time. In Target, depending how much customers are in line, the floor managers open the necessary amount of lanes to prevent a bottleneck from happening. 

Hey, if you are willing to wait the extra time at the time of purchase and save money then by all means do your shopping at Walmart. If you are a neat freak who doesn’t mind paying more to quickly get in, get out then you should fit comfortably in a Target store.

No store is better than the other. Our choice of destination simply showcases what we value more in this phase of our lives.

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