Why Miami?

Love to explore new cities but aren’t sure where your next journey should be? I have the answer; Miami is your best option, let me explain why.

I have lived in Miami for 17 years and a recurring thought I have is; this city is truly the epitome of diversity. Within a 30 mile radius from where I live, you have the option of visiting either a:

– Mexican

– Latin-american

– Cuban

– Creole (french-speaking) 

– Mexican

– or North American neighborhood.

Because these communities have blossomed for over 20 years, they have intertwined with the North American culture to create a unique fusion of cultures. A co-worker of mine put it best, “Miami has the benefits of a US city but the heartbeat and passion of a Hispanic one.”

In one day, you can start with a classic Cuban breakfast. You may even take a stroll in the country-inspired Redlands to appreciate the exotic Floridian flora and fauna. For lunch, enjoy a Peruvian ceviche (seafood) and end the night with a hearty bowl of Vietnamese Pho Soup. There is no other city in the continental US where you can find a great variety of types of food and people.

Blessed with a 77.5 yearly average temperature, Miami is the ideal city to make all your outdoor activities dreams come true with its beautiful weather. Any day of the year, you can:

– Bike

– Swim

– Kayak

– Camp out

– Parasail

– Practice any type of sport

From gorgeous beaches to numerous national state parks there is no excuse to go outside and have fun in this tropical city. My favorite day this year was when my girlfriend and I woke up early on a Saturday to catch a ‘South Beach tan‘ followed by a visit to a local bowling alley. We finished the day by attending a baseball game, “America’s favorite pastime”, our Miami Marlins.

There are a few others activities to enjoy in Miami. Home to the annual Art Basel, Miami hosts various art fairs throughout the year. If you like to party, dance or just have a great time, the nightclub scene is regarded as one of the best in the world. 

The diversity found in the local foods and its people combined with fair weather that allows you to perform almost any outdoor activity, Miami is the place to be. What are you waiting for?

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