For those who make sales their living

Trust is the one common denominator that all successful salesmen have. And saleswoman.

Rooting for your favorite basketball team may help you close a sale.

A four-country trip in South America may help you close a sale.

Having watched different cartoons in your childhood may help you seal the deal. 

Being an avid outdoor enthusiast may help you close a sale.

Hey, your customer may be a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan such as yourself. 

Your new client was born in Bolivia; the country you enjoyed visiting a couple of years ago.

A customer may also have seen the show Rugrats that you saw in the 90s. And liked it.

A possible buyer you are speaking over the phone took part in the triathlon you were part of last month.

It’s finding that common ground with your customer that paves the road to trust: connection.

When you connect by showing them you are a human as them and not a voice over the phone that wants to empty their pockets, their defenses are lowered, subconscious at ease. It’s only a matter of time before they place confidence in the words that are coming out of your mouth.

This connection can only occur when you do things such as, travel, read books, attend art fairs etc.; all these things involve action.

When they trust you, congratulations, you already have made the sale.

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