Two quotes to live by

You hear many phrases throughout your life but there are only a handful that end up changing your life. Here are my two quotes to live by.

“Some men just want to watch the world burn”

This is said by Alfred Pennyworth in Batman’s second installment, Dark Knight Rises. Alfred is referring to how some evil people cannot be bought, bargained or reasoned with. 

Why is this a quote to live by?

When tragedy strikes or things don’t go according as planned we tend to find a reason on why it occurred. Our subconscious rattles the conscious part of the brain so we can find little peace in the midst of temporal confusion. Some relate it to faith and declare, “God is causing this”. Others generalize their way out of the problem as a way of searching for a solution; criticizing the government or an exterior force. The blame game.

Let me suggest another point of view.

Sometimes, things occur that have no explanation. Searching for the why in everything is a task that is not yours nor mine. Things that don’t make sense now, in retrospective, may make sense later. If they don’t, move on. Some men just want to watch world burn. We can’t live our lives speculating.

“Do unto others as you’d want them to do unto you”

Context: Jesus had been addressing his disciples and a large crowd gathered around them. After a series of “if someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other also” and “bless those you curse you, pray for those who mistreat you”, he summarizes the segment with a brain bashing one-liner. 

Why is this a quote to live by?

The way this quote is worded forces you to look inwards, not outwards. Jesus doesn’t want you to play that blame game. Instead, he wants you to take the initiative; create love. If you want your boss to say hi to you, say to your boss. When you see an issue at your job and want to see it fixed, be part of the solution.

Applying this principle in my life has taught me things won’t necessarily go my way even though I do good to others. I make it a point that I am giving, not expecting. The muscle exercised is unselfishness. When I have an unselfish mindset, I am not at the mercy of what people do or not do for me.

You may already have one-liners that you identify with. Consider having 3-5 quotes to live by as a compass for your beliefs. In times of turmoil they will guide you to brighter days.

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