What is an Operations role

Ever since I took on a management role in Starbucks, I have been interested in the area of Operations – the part of business where you make others shine. Some may even say, it’s somewhat of a behind the scenes role.

In the span of twenty-four hours, I asked two people who have years of experience: what does Operations mean to them in the business industry and what is important to them. This is what I learned.

It isn’t a position you are hired into

Both people I interviewed did not initially start in the Operations role. 

One started as a graphic designer and then took on a marketing role. After years of amounting hard skills combined with experience took on her first Operations role. 

The other, took on a sales representative position then slowly merged into a marketing role. After years of leading the marketing team, her company paid for her to become an accountant thus eventually taking on a permanent Operations role.

People matter

One of my questions was directed on how important is cultivating relationships within the workplace.

The response was clear and concise: relationships are vital to have a great career.

If you want to make it far, no matter what role is that you are pursuing, then having a good relationship with your boss is vital. One advice I got.

The other tip I will take with me is that whenever an opportunity arises to prove your worth make sure you are not over-stepping your boundaries thus damaging a relationship with a co-worker. 

I could relate to that tip because in my previous job as Assistant Manager I would be a ‘yes guy’ to whichever task my manager would give me. By taking on most tasks, I did not leave room for other employees in management positions to develop their leadership role. A few months after, my manager made the observation how there was a distance between me and most of the shift supervisors. 

It is what you make of it

Like many things in life, if you put hard work then you will be vastly rewarded.

In the business world, it is no different is what I absorbed.

As one Operation manager put it, “it us up to you to make it work out”. She then explained how for years her workload seemed to be tedious and boring but then she made a decision. She was determined to reach the next level to bigger and better things. “No one made me do it. No one was pushing me. It was really my decision”, she added.

 Things started to move around her position and a few months later the position marketing position opened up. Eventually these changes led her to the operations role.

I was reminded of this timeless principle: Life is what you make it so make the best of it.

The two people I interviewed were:

Ines Corvalan from April Travel Protection

Sabina Belohuba from BedaBox

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