How to use Slack effectively

Make real use of the channels

Think of it like designing your information architecture. If you have different channels for specialized topics, teams, or updates with larger general channels for company wide shoutouts, you can reduce the amount of clutter each person is exposed to.

Have the right people in relevant channels and you’ll have better quality interactions and you’ll create less distractions for the rest of your team. Simple stuff.

Shared channels let you collaborate with another business’ Slack.

With Slack’s new feature it is now possible to have shared channels in your Slack workspace which are shared with another company’s Slack account. This brings the need to email back and forth on ongoing projects down to zero.

Instead, you can unite the two teams to communicate fluidly between each other without having to leave your favorite communication hub.

This ultimately increases productivity and profits.

Call people within your own Slack channel for easy meetings

Slack have released their own internal call functions to allow you to start a call in a public channel. This creates a super easy workflow for arranging spontaneous meetings and the quality is good enough to work as the regular conferencing tool.

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