Are you going to renovate a warehouse?

This is the story of a warehouse renovation in the city of Miami.

I have taken my talents to ProNetwork US. We sell Cisco switches and modules. However, the company’s president has recently struck a deal where we will distribute Turkish wax creams and laundry detergent pods.

This deal is crucial because I work in the warehouse area. The warehouse is almost full of Cisco equipment. By almost full, I mean it’s 80% filled to capacity. The decisions taken because of the renovation will influence my day-to-day labor for the rest of the year.

If you have worked in a warehouse before, you know that space is limited and accessibility is important.

In preparation for this crucial renovation, the president, my manager and supervisor have all been pitching their idea of how the warehouse should look like. It’s been a challenge to truly voice my opinion because, after all, I have only been here at ProNetwork US for two months. I know I am being heard but not taken into account. Something to work on.

Nonetheless, I have observed the dynamic between the team they hired to renovate the warehouse and my manager (who has the final say). This has been valuable to me. Where there is an exchange of ideas there must also be humility.

My thoughtful manager has taken into account what the warehouse wants (accessibility) and what the warehouse is capable of storing (space). Humility. Renovation hasn’t started but it all indicates we will sacrifice accessibility to store everything that will arrive. This makes me nervously excited for the modifications that will occur. 

In my head, I have already decided that I will be flexible to whatever changes come my way. Back at Starbucks, there would be changes all the time and the normal reaction was to complain and cause friction between management and employees.

Best thing to do is cope with the changes and work smarter. That is my plan.

Next week, I will update you guys on how this all wraps up.

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