About Me

I currently work for Rittenhouse Guitars as a Luthier building relic guitars, fixing guitar necks. The guitars we make by hand are sold to music shops all over the world such as Japan, Mexico and Italy as well the United States. I have been making guitars since the summer of 2008 and it is a job I have enjoyed because the work is meticulous, there is a lot of hand-eye coordination accuracy involved.

Last December I applied to Praxis, a business apprenticeship program, and am excitedly looking forward to learn as much as I can in the Operations field. At my previous job part of my responsibilities was being in charge of scheduling, placing the weekly order and assisting my manager in all store operations. Behind-the-scenes, where it all originates, is where I shine the most.

Right now, I live in sunny Miami, Florida and no, I do not go to the beach every weekend contrary to popular belief. I enjoy other things such as biking, running, soccer and playing drums with my band. Living in Miami has enhanced my life by making me aware of how diverse the world is. I love living here!

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